Former Lab Members

(starting with most recent)
Former Postdoctoral Fellows Current Position
Tom Hnasko, PhD Assistant Professor, UCSD
Ken Nakamura, MD, PhD Investigator, Gladstone Inst., UCSF
Rebecca Seal, PhD Assistant Professor, U Pittsburgh
Bibiana Onoa, PhD Scientist, UC Berkeley
Zhaolin Hua, PhD Scientist, Beijing
Susan Voglmaier, MD, PhD Assistant Professor, UCSF
Matthew Troyer, MD Merck
Haiyan Li, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, UCSF
Magda Santos, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, UCSF
Shin-ichiro Kubo, MD, PhD Associate Professor, Juntendo Univ.
Tomomi Someya, PhD Scientist, RIKEN
Robert Fremeau, PhD Director, Neuroscience research, Amgen
Chris Wreden, PhD Scientist, University of Oregon
Edward Fon, MD Professor, Montreal Neurological Institute/McGill
Richard Reimer, MD Associate Professor, Stanford
David Krantz, MD, PhD Associate Professor, UCLA
Phil Tan, PhD Scientist, Ardea Biosciences
Yongjian Liu, MD Scientist, U Pittsburg
Ali Roghani, MD Associate Professor, Texas Tech
Cedric Asensio, Ph.D. Associate Professor, University of Denver

Former StudentsCurrent Position

Germaine Goh, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, Singapore (A*STAR)
Venu Nemani, MD, PhD Resident, Hospital for Special Surgery, NY
Malcolm Anthony, MD, PhD
Doris Fortin, PhD Science Policy, Canada
Farrukh Chaudhry, MD, PhD Professor, University of Oslo
Elizabeth Bellocchio, PhD Bristol-Myers Squibb
Clarissa Waites, PhD Assistant Professor, Columbia
Doris Peter,PhD Health Ratings, Consumer Reports
Patrick Finn, PhD Lawyer, Intellectual Property
Andrew Merickel, PhD Lawyer, Intellectual Property

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